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5 must-visit neighborhoods in Athens

Athens, with its old-meets-new appeal is filled with bustling blocks that will have you walk away wowed. We have singled out the 5 tried-and-true spots for you to shake the travel funk, hang out with the cool Athenian kids and immerse yourself in a truly local feel. Sure Plaka is amazing but don't fall into vacation rut and gloss over those beauties.


Why go there: Because you might have read one (or a dozen) articles about Koukaki hitting the top 5 Airbnb list. Koukaki lives up to its reputation, with its amazing pedestrian streets and their arrays of cafes and restaurants, the vibrant energy in perfect sync with the old Athens architectural grandeur.


Why go there: Because it is brimming with creativity, quirky corners and stop-and-stare street art. I mean its nickname could be urban adventure. Added bonus: tiny cafes, traditional tavernas that have been feeding Athenians for decades and the occasional stray cats always ready to pose.

5 must-visit neighborhoods in Athens

Why go there: for the laid-back, youthful atmosphere and the arrays of neo-tavernas that make an excellent foodie case. You can easily burn off your recently acquired calories with a good stroll. Petralona have some of the most amazing facades in the city. I'm talking highly instagrammable material.

Photo Credit: © Ethel Dilouambaka

5 must-visit neighborhoods in Athens (1)

Why go there: Famous as the heart of the city with the imposing Greek Parliament and the Unknown Soldier monument, Syntagma could be a real tourist trap. But we are here to tell you that Syntagma is the home of the world’s most diverse eateries. From sushi to arepas and vegan treats to a proper -beckoning cat overlooked- dim sum. Syntagma done right: check!

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Why go there: Because it is packed to the brim with A-list shops and stylish hangouts. Voukourestiou street is the most fashionable urban catwalk, where the big boutique brands cluster on and Kolonaki square is arguably the best spot for people-watching..