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5 things you didn't know you can enjoy in Athens


When it comes to Athens, there seems to be some sort of pattern: there is no legit city break to Athens without the Acropolis. The city is interconnected with this iconic landmark. Hands off, it's a must! But there's much more to Athens beyond the exquisite marbled monuments. Take it from the picture above. It's the ideal Acropolis to Athens ratio I'm about to argue. So, here's a handful of things you might not know you can enjoy in Athens besides the fascinating monuments!

1) Stop and stare street art

Forget all about this "Athens is the new Berlin" hype. Athens is just Athens. It's full of vibrant, buzzing streets and creative people that turn their inspiration into extraordinary street art. Take it from somebody who used to be not very into street art, this colorful version of Athens is the best! It's like walking into a contemporary open-air museum. Gazi and Psyrri neighborhoods are street art Meccas but pretty much you can find it everywhere!

2) A damn good cocktail

The Athenian bar scene should be a whole chapter! Bars are mushrooming everywhere in the city, all have their own personal style and bar crawling might be the answer to the "where should we go" question. Mixologists are very creative, and they tend to infuse Greek flavors to their creations.


There are world-class, award-winning bars that take fine drinking on another level. You can find old school bars made of mahogany, molecular ones, bar/gastronomy ones, underground ones, whiskey-loving ones, even one that is decorated as if it's Christmas all year long! Just head downtown around Syntagma and Agias Irinis square.

3) Worthy calories

No offense souvlaki, but there's just SO much more to it. You can literally eat your way around Athens and that doesn't exclude a great souvlaki! From Michelin starred ones to stool-only, tiny, street ones, there are countless restaurants in Athens. Whether it is brunch, lunch or dinner you crave, you can definitely find the right one for you! Previous statement is not limited to Greek food. Sushi, arepas and empanadas, burgers, pad thais, you name it we have it! You can even have dinner in the sky!

4) Suburbia

City life tends to be concentrated at the city center. Opt for a few more overnights and explore the suburbs like the locals. Chalandri is vibrant and youthful while Kifisia is an excellent shopping district with amazing cafes and chic architecture. Head south for some unlimited sea view, arrays of palm trees and relaxed vibe. The Flisvos Marina is perfect for those traveling with children. Piraeus is much more than a gateway to the islands. It's revamped and packed with stylish cafes and restaurants.

5) Free Art

Not a big fan of museum queues, history mumbling and the risk of an archaeology overdose? Lucky you! There's art literally in all Metro stations. From contemporary art installations to amazing B.C. findings discovered during the metro excavations, the entire city is a living art exhibition. Just hop on!

Want to make you visit to Athens a memorable one? We are here to help you make that happen!