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Greece: a 365 days a year holiday treat

You know what they say when it comes to traveling: location, location, location. Well, no offense, but when it comes to Greece we say: season, season, season. In a such a multi-faceted country, visiting should not be limited in the beach season and the islands, while reasons to get here are valid throughout the year.

It's true; Greece, this miniature Mediterranean country, makes actually a great case as an all year round destination. The weather is mild and that is automatically translated as a great jumping off point for both indoors and outdoors activities. Since we take food seriously, seasonality is key. Every season has its own produce and our rule of thumb is the more in season, the better. Weekly food markets back our view, with their full display of seasonal goodies, transforming neighborhoods into vibrant merchandising centers with bargaining dialogues being all the fun!


City life is buzzing and there is literally something to do every day. Art scene and nightlife are reshaping through seasons, changing venues accordingly, from urban gardens and seaside places to industrial buildings. No matter when and where, they retain their wow factor and are definitely worth of paying a visit.


Greek natural beauty is beyond words. But adding the seasonal element is what brings out the real beauty. Every place is different in its own way. Same applies to the beautiful settlements carpeting the country. I mean, who said mountains were made for winters anyway?


And don't forget, socializing is big in Greece. The yearly calendar is bursting with customs and events and missing them is a whole lotta no-no!

The return on your investment? A memorable holiday and extra bragging rights for choosing to see Greece out of the usual and predictable summer season.

So come, before anyone else does!