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Seeking wine, finding friendship!

Looking for inspiration is a tricky business. It's either everywhere or sometimes nowhere. I decided that September was the right time to post a piece about wine. It's the magical time of the year when grapes are harvested and the anticipation of this year's quality comments is real!


But who am I to comment on wine? I consider myself a self-proclaimed wino, who nonetheless drinks wine all the time!


So it felt it was the time to call in the big players.

Enter Luiz Alberto Founder of the #winelover community, founder of the #LifeLover community, member of the Circle of Wine Writers, Italian Wine Ambassador and judge at international wine competitions.


I e-met Luiz when I was honored enough to become a part of the amazing #winelover community. When we met in person, at an exciting wine loving event at Cinque Wine Bar - which is THE place for wine when in Athens btw - it felt like we've known each other for ages.

When I asked him to contribute a piece of his knowledge on Greek wines, I was seeking wine but I found friendship. And that's above everything. It's not only about the wines, that are indeed exquisite in Greece, it's about your co-drinkers, the ones you cheer and cheer you back!

Luiz managed to encapsulate in a small paragraph more than I imagined. The beauty of the country, the impeccable food and wines and most of all the warmness of the Greek hospitality. It all comes down to that when visiting Greece. The warm, unaffected kindness and openness of the people, the life embracing attitude, that joie de vivre that keeps visitors coming and coming.

In his own words:

"I have been to Greece five times; which is absolutely not even close to being enough to get to know all that the country has to offer. However, the beautiful things that I saw, the delicious wines I drank, and the amazing food I ate will always be with me in a very dear place in my heart. And, more than anything, I think that the people I met (many of them very dear friends now) is what I love the most about the country. Greek people (in general) will make you feel special. Your Greek friends will make you feel like you are the brother that they love and that they haven’t seen in a long time. I hope I’ll be back there soon! Yamas! "

Luiz loves all things digital so make sure to follow him on twitter: @thewinehub and on Instagram: 1winelover

This is a follow button you won't regret. I bet you a bottle of wine! Yamas once again!