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A foolproof guide on how to stay in shape while traveling

We all travel for different reasons, some want to discover new cultures, some to get their share of mother nature and some to lay on the beach and enjoy some R&R. Whatever the reasons, there’s one thing certain: we all need to eat at some point! Now if you want to curb your cravings for local delicacies but not bust that bikini waist, here’s a foolproof guide to keep the pleasures of local cuisine guilt-free while avoiding the unnecessary extra pounds.

1. Snack smart

If I was your partner, I would keep with me dried fruits and nuts all the time! They are the perfect solution for those who want to spend hours in museums, beaches or just exploring the city. They will keep you not only full but also energized until it’s time for a proper meal.


2. Drink water

And that’s non-negotiable! It is the only liquid your body will be grateful for as it keeps you hydrated and helps to regulate the temperature in your body. Keep a thermos or a bottle always with you! Don’t share your bottle unless it is really necessary. Make sure every co-traveler has his/her own water bottles! Don’t rush in saying water’s boring! It doesn’t have to be!



3. Don’t say no to local cuisine

Say yes to sharing meals. In Greece we opt for meze, small bites we share. Usually they are served as appetizers, but they make a complete meal calorie-wise.

4. Stay energized

When you feel like your energy levels are plummeting, drink a fresh juice or a smoothie. Juice bars with vegetable soups and delicious smoothies are so hot right now. A light meal restores your energy and allows you to enjoy the main meal of the day a bit later.

5. You know what they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do

Ask where the nearest mini market or open market is! Fill your bag with fresh fruits and vegetables. Take a selfie biting your peach and please don’t use a plastic bag!

6. Walk, walk and then walk some more!

It burns calories and it’s THE best way to explore a destination. Period. If you feel that you cannot walk for 20 minutes, then you need to rethink! Lack of energy is often associated with inadequate food or choice of non-nutritious foods.

7. Work out!

There’s no need for exhaustive workouts. You are in vacation after all! But you can ride a bike or do some yoga!


8. Don’t starve yourself

If you expect the evening to come and go to this “amazing restaurant” that everyone recommends and your stomach churns, then you will not be able to control your food proportions not to mention actually enjoy your dining experience to the fullest. Be conscious.

9. Alcohol has calories too

Be sensible with your alcohol consumption. Have a cocktail but stick to just one. Or go for some wine. It's low kcal and Greek wine is absolutely amazing!

10. It all ends with a good night’s sleep

Applies to everyone. No further elaboration needed. Sleep tight!