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The top 5 coffee shops in Athens to curb your caffeine cravings

Athens or no Athens, you should know that there's a top notch coffee culture out there! Gone are the days when Greeks used to sip their frappes blissfully. Instead, countless coffee places are dotting the city, baristas are in-the-know, people are still outdoorsy and coffee drinking is a major deal. From hip places with stripped industrial interiors to stylish hangouts with aromas of roasted arabica filling the atmosphere, here are the addresses any self-respecting coffee nerd needs to know.



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This miniature coffee shop is also known as the caffeine fiend’s mecca. Kaya is not strong on comfort. There is a no-frills attitude and the only option is communal sipping at the bar outside the shop. The focus is on highly skilled staff and excellent coffee beans treated with respect and that's why Kaya is a coffee heaven and THE best commuter coffee in town.

Voulis 7,105 62

Dio goulies & dio boukies


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Hard to pronounce? Just remember what it means: Two sips and two bites. An unpretentious coffee shop with quirky interiors, exquisite coffee, a handful of sandwiches and a lovely spread of baked goods from - arguably - the best bakery in Athens. Pour yourself a glass of herb and fruit infused water and enjoy the spoils!

Dragatsaniou 8, 105 59

Mr. Bean Coffee Roasters


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Brand name speaks for itself! Mr. Bean is an effortless hangout that takes coffee beans seriously. Baristas here opt for local specialties and make a mean flat white! Trust your daily coffee into the hands of the experts, they will guide you in terms of what to buy off the shelf. Service here is always sunny!

Emmanouil Mpenaki 20, 106 78



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It has a stylish décor, that reminds an old atelier but with some island vibe when you are sitting outside. Baristas here are knowledgeable while espresso and all its derivatives are a real pleasure. You can grab your freshly grounded coffee for your coffee jar back home too!

Agias Irinis square 2,105 60

The underdog


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If you happen to walk under the Acropolis and feel caffeine starved, the Underdog is the solution to your problems. A specialty coffee roasting company with an amazing coffee shop and great ethos. Don't skip the brunch menu. It's a perfect daily brunch spot especially if you like your sunny side up!

Iraklidon 8,118 51