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Why experiences are the best Valentine's gift for your loved one

Valentine's day is just around the corner with flowers and fancy chocolate shops ready to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. Whilst some people are already prepared, having purchased the perfect present for their special someone, and subsequently found the ideal hiding spot.

What about the rest of you, who like me, sit in front of a screen searching "Valentine's gifts ideas"?

Why not skip the clichéd box of chocolate and a dozen roses and take romance up a level and spoil the ones we love with a new experience.

To put it that way, how this ...


can be better than this?

Romantic dinner in Santorini - Caldera view

Before you start thinking that there's not enough time to plan a trip abroad in such short space of time, we have the solution for you! Why don’t you make your grand gesture on Valentine's day and treat the love of your life to a  spring break getaway to the romantic paradise that is Santorini
The weather will be warm and sunny, the summer crowds will have not yet descended on the island and the whole place will be blanketed with wild flowers. Just imagine walking through the picturesque streets with your loved one and finishing your day with endless sunset sea views. We think that this memory is going to be a lot better than a nicely arranged bouquet. Do you not agree? 

Memorable experiences are more precious than luxury!

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