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Why Crete should be your top bucket list destination for 2021

As the winter starts to slowly fade, we all start dreaming of warmer, sunny days, spring breaks and summer escapes. I'm pretty sure Greece is on your bucket list but we have put together a few reasons why Crete should top the entire list!

The natural beauty

Crete is the largest island of Greece. It's ideal for road tripping and village hopping. Nature lovers will fall for the mountains, the upland villages, the flora, the kri-kri goats running free, the ever-changing landscapes and let's not forget Samaria gorge! Pack your training shoes, this gorge was made for hiking!

The beaches

Beach bums will go nuts over the fascinating beaches, the sandy landscape and the crystal clear waters. Crete is the home of some of the beaches you see every year in compilations of the best beaches of the world. Balos, Gramvoussa, Seitan Limani, Kiani Beach and many more await!

The food

Did you know that UNESCO endorsed the Mediterranean diet as Intangible Cultural Heritage? Well, now you know! Cretan gastronomy is the essence of the Mediterranean diet, filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and beneficial fatty fish oils. This year, choose to do good to yourself.

The wine and the vine

If you like to celebrate your holidays with a good glass of wine in hand, then Crete will definitely satisfy your palette. Look for native varieties like Vidiano and Kotsifali or go one step further and seek them at the source with winery visits and proper wine tastings.

The culture

Cretan culture is world-known. The island oozes authenticity and tradition, you can always spot the genuine Cretan dressing elements, watch how Cretan knives are engraved, experience a dancing feast and listen to the amazing rhyming couplets called "mantinades" the locals make up. An that's only to name a few!

The history

Cretan civilization is awe-inspiring. When you visit Knossos and the ancient city of Aptera you will be fascinated by how old this civilization is - one of the oldest in the entire Europe - and those ancient ruins will definitely leave you amazed. The Old Town of Chania with its Ottoman splendor blended with Venetian elements will entice you with its charm.

The hospitality

Cretans take their hospitality exactly like their tsikoudia; seriously. They are welcoming and hearty and they will always treat to you to a glass of tsikoudia to extend their hospitality. In no time you will feel like you belong there. Don't act surprised when you see many non-Greeks who chose to retire in Crete. That's exactly the reason!

The kids-friendly attitude

Crete ranks high as a children-friendly destination in Greece. Hotels, like Kiani Beach Resort are oriented towards addressing the needs of those with families and our little friends fell in love with the island and go home with the best of memories.

The nightlife

Night owls also have their way around Crete. The island is brimming with life, it's full of hip bars and restaurants. Seek tsikoudia-based cocktails infused with Cretan herbs. They are insanely delicious! You are on vacation after all you deserve some fun!

Let us know how we can turn your Crete vacation into the experience of a lifetime! Give us a shout or leave us a comment!